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Education and Students

Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

Dear students:

It’s my pleasure as faculty of engineering’s vice dean for education and students’ affairs to welcome you, hoping you all success during your study in the faculty at all its departments whereas the faculty is making every effort to provide all scientific and laboratory potentials   for its students in order to graduate a selection of competent engineers capable of competing in job market and keeping pace with advanced technology in all fields to serve our country.


  • Terms of references of students’ affairs:
  • Receive the lists of candidate students for enroll in the faculty from the coordination office of college and institutes admission, and revise, arrange it and finishing the procedures of student’s admission, and distribute the students in the scientific departments of the faculty.
  • Receiving transformation requests and enrollment moving from and to the faculty and follow up with it until all actions are done.
  • Take measures for students’ enrollment such as: the medical check, university fee collection, holding the lists of every batch, and the continuous reconciliation with the treasury.
  • Issuance of university cards for students and following their statues throughout the academic year.
  • Prepare lists of students making outstanding academic achievements and disbursing rewards for them.
  • Follow the summer training of students.
  • Prepare for exams t during the two academic semesters and organize the locations and seats lists and following the attendance and absence reports during the academic year.
  • Take action of graduates, preparing graduates’ patents ,and inform the authorities of them and prepare ministerial decree to grant them the academic degree, and certifications ,and discharging them from the faculty and deliver them their documents after graduation.