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نتائج امتحانات الفصل الدراسى الاول 2015/2016
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نتائج 2015-2016
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The First Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Workshop:On behalf of the Aswan Power Electronics Applications Research center (APEARC), all power Electronics Engineers and Experts are invited for the First Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Workshop (PEREW) at Faculty of Engineering, Aswan university, Aswan in the period of 1st- 3rd March, 2017. Also, PEREW is conducted in line up with the Egyptian Science Week. Power Electronics and its applications especially on Renewable Energy have seen remarkable growth in the last decade all over the world. It is an applied area of Electrical Engineering that deals with efficient Power Processing and has direct applications in many domains of the energy sectors. This workshop is conducted as the first specialist meeting inside Egypt for power electronics experts. It is main aim is to gather all related engineers, experts and professionals from academia and industry in one place with unique topics to identify, exchange and discuss the new ideas in power electronics providing significant impacts on the functionality, efficiently and performance of applications encompassing modern electronics, appliances, smart loads, and energy supply devices.

Moreover, PEREW aims to endorse country-wide research and provide a collaborative platform for joint research between academia and industry. PEREW aims to provide an opportunity for constructive interactions among researchers from both industry and academia to discuss industrial challenges and identify major obstacles facing the field.

Workshop Prospective:

The workshop is expected to have significant impact on research and education in power electronics. PEREW-2017 is designed based on several actions, includes the following:

  • Expert Tutorials in Power Electronics and Renewable Energy:

Many attractive lectures and tutorials will be provided through PEREW-2017 by selective specialists and experts in the field of power electronics and renewable energy.  This will provide a highly opportunity for first-level engineers from academia industry to go through these tutorials. Moreover, it is chance for all experts to have a wide discussion on the topic presented. These tutorials include the following topics:

  • Application of Power Electronics on Smart Grid Systems
  • Photovoltaic Models and its Future in Egypt
  • Application of Power Electronics in Space
  • Wind Energy and Power Electronics Future
  • Converters Topologies and Control Contribution on Renewable Energy
  • LEDs: Start or End
  • Power Electronics in Egypt Industry


  • Smart PV Micro-grid system with Advanced Energy Management Control.

PEREW-2017 will provide a special session to disseminate the results of the co-operative project between EGYPT and Tunisia. This project is funded by Ministry of higher education. It focuses on developing a smart PV micro-grid system with advanced energy management control that has the ability to overcome the low overall system efficiency, the weak control system, the fragile system stability and the lack of strong and robust communicating and monitoring system.


  • Development of Three-phase Micro-inverter for Photovoltaic in Desert Environment.

PEREW-2017 will provide a special session to disseminate the results of the Development of Three-phase Micro-inverter for Photovoltaic in Desert Environment project. This project is funded by Science and Technology Developing Fund (STDF). It focuses on Developing a reliable, cost effective, high efficiency micro-inverter system suitable for desert conditions.


  • APEARC Outputs & Lab Tour

PEREW-2017 will provide special sessions for three master thesis defense by APEARC research members. Moreover, a visit for APEARC lab will be presented as well.


  • Scientific Visits.

A scientific visit to the high-dam will be organized for the invited speakers in PEREW-2017.


  • Attractive Aswan Tour.

A more interesting tour for one of the famous touristic places in Aswan will be organized in the 3rd of March.

Organizer and Sponsors:




Workshop Organization Committee:


Workshop Chairman

Prof. Mohamed Orabi

Technical Program Chair

Dr. Emad Mahmoud

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Dr. Mohamed Ismeil

Dr. Mahmoud Gaffer

Workshop Secretary

Eng. Mai Roshdy



Date and Venue:

March 1-3, 2017.

Aswan Faculty of Engineering, Aswan City.



Prof. Mohamed Orabi: عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.