• Mission:-

The massage of the faculty of engineering and technology is graduated engineers in different disciplines to meet the technical needs of the industrial enterprises and service interests.This message will achieve through provide the students with knowledge and skills according to the international standard and requirements of grand engineering projects in different disciplines with awareness of problems of community and ethics of career. Also extend to include lifting the capabilities of engineers through intensive courses, workshop and present a postgraduate diploma, master and doctoral program. Moreover, the faculty contributes to the enrichment of engineering sciences through authentic research, community service and environment.

    • Vision:-

 The faculty of engineering looks to be a leader in the field of engineering education, scientific research, community service and the environment. Also, the faculty committed to present the best learning Engineering, research services for students and opportunities for the surrounding community. The faculty pledge to graduate efficient engineers in different disciplines, provide them with a foundation of knowledge and necessary skills with a full awareness of community problem and society.