The sports league

Youth care unit announces the sporting league for university’s students from 21 فto 23/11/2018 on the following activities: Five a side football event (8 male students_8 female students ). Volleyball (8 male students_8 female students ). Ping-Pong (3 male students_8 Read more

A seminar invitation .

The electrical engineering department would be honored to invite the teaching staff and their associates to attend the searching point registration seminar for master degree of the engineer: Aya Mohamed Saleh (from outside), under the supervision of Dr: Loaye Saadeldein Read more

students’ bikes race

youth care unit at the faculty of engineering announces a bikes race for 7 male students and 7 female students ,and the university will provide them with the bikes .the assembly will be at Alsalam garden from 8:30 AM to Read more