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Vice Dean for Environmental and Society Services Affairs

Prof.Mohammed Abd ElAziz Mehalal

professor, Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Aswan University


The community service and environment development department at the Faculty of Engineering at Aswan University is looking forward to linking the college with the surrounding society to activate its role in serving the community and its issues, concerns and ambitions.
Providing excellent engineering services to serve the local and regional community in line with the quality standards in various fields of science and technology, in addition to the effective participation of the college in the development of the local environment in Aswan Governorate and the surrounding areas through distinguished scientific development programs.
  • Organizing conferences and scientific seminars to demonstrate the outstanding scientific aspects of the Faculty of Engineering, which helps to achieve universality.
  • Organizing the annual college conference.
  •  Establishing an association of college graduates to achieve communication among the graduates of the college.
  • Encouraging innovation and invention for college students, faculty members, their assistants and administrators.
  • Conduct applied research and implement research projects aimed at serving the community and developing the surrounding environment.
  • Activating community participation to serve the area surrounding the college.
  •  Organizing educational and training programs for continuous engineering education in partnership with the engineering community.
  • Develop a system of work to deal with the expected crises and risks and strengthen the security plan in college.
  • Work on the definition of the community in Aswan Governorate on the place and activities of the Faculty of Engineering. 

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