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  My Dear students:

I am pleased to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all of you.I am praying to ALLAH Almighty to grant you success in this academic year and I wish you all can achieve your hopes towards strong advancements to our beloved country. Faculty of Engineering has become, after 20 years of its inception,a Castle holed up science for students by the efforts of all professors and researchers. We are now , in the light of the rapid development of engineering and technological sciences,seek to provide scientific, technical and human capabilities necessary to enable our students to keep up with this amazing progress in Engineering perspectives, where we believe that the real wealth of nations is the minds of our youth notepad that volunteered her intelligence forces of nature, and invest what ALLAH has deposited in this land of riches and bounties to establish the foundations for a better future, and push forward the wheel of the renaissance in all life perspectives.The faculty with its different departments and administrations are always ready to help and to overcome all the difficulties faces you to make your studying journey memorable and advantageous. I also argue you to participate in various sports and social activities to develop your various talents.In conclusion, I am pleased to congratulate faculty students belonging to this scientific edifice and wish you success and continuous development.

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