Head of  the civil engineering department’s word.

The civil engineering is considered as one of the oldest science on earth , civil engineering department is distinguished by the variety of its specialties and numerous work areas, and also the permanent need of the labour market to its graduates for all projects whatever its  domain must include a civil engineering component.

The work areas for the department’s graduates are too varied, to name just a few, the civil engineering graduate can work in the following fields:

  • Roads,airports,bridges,canels,and sanitation(irrigation)
  • Drinking water systems and sanitation.
  • Water purification station and liquid effluents treatment.
  • Concrete and mineralogical structures.
  • Survey.

The department seeks to graduate promising scientifically qualified academic classes where the department has a group of qualified teaching staff who has got both scientific and practical experiences.in addition to the availability of the different labs which support the educational process and make the civil engineering graduate of Aswan University capable of competition in the labor market.

The department also contributes to the postgraduate sector where there are a lot of opportunities of higher education at the level of master’s and PhD degree.

We ask Allah to make us capable of building a new generation of students hoping them to become a useful cadre to their country and people and achieve what they are expected to be for the progress of our beloved Egypt.  

prof:Mohamed Fekry Abdelmobdy.

Head of  the civil engineering department.