Faculty dean

Prof. Loay Saad El-Dean Nasrat

Dear students

I congratulate the students of faculty of engineering on the new academic year 2017-2018, wishing them all the best to achieve their goals. I thank my students to choose the profession of engineering to become engineers have the responsibility to make the country advanced.

My dear teaching staff:

You guide your students, so you should be a role model for them and exert the time and efforts to enrich the research and educational process and serve the society in all fields.

My dear administrators:

Any research, social and educational process needs a strong and effective system to strengthen its performance, you should be supportive to your students, ease the obstacles, treat them kindly and seek together to develop all the administrations to cope the administrative work with the academic one to achieve the best institutional performance which suits the requirements of the educational system.

In the end, I pleased to congratulate the students of the faculty on belonging to this scientific faculty, wishing them the best wishes.