To be in a distinct regional and local status in the university education and scientific research and serving the society in all the fields of electrical engineering.


To graduate highly skilled electrical engineers who are capable of competing locally and regionally

Goals :

  1. Preparing engineers who have the required technical skills in the field of electrical engineering.
  2. Preparing engineers who respect the profession’s ethics and traditions in their domain and passing them to the community.
  3. Modernizing the laboratories and establishing new ones where necessary.
  4. Providing the consulting, scientific, and applied services to all sectors of the state and the private sector.
  5. Providing the appropriate climate for the teaching staff and postgraduate studies’ students to conduct distinct researching activities.
  6. Holding scientific conferences, symposiums, and panel discussions to keep paceĀ  with the scientific development in electrical engineering.


Fields of study at the electrical engineering department:

. Electrical power and machines engineering.

.Electronics and communications engineering.

.Systems and computers engineering.